Butterfly Medicine

Butterflies are one of those creatures that only one with a heart of stone wouldn’t feel delight when a butterfly flutters past them. But aside from being a beautiful distraction on a sunny day, butterflies hold much more in their spirit than many of us realize. These winged creatures captivate our hearts as young children and inspire us to continue to change and evolve as adults, but they are also here to help us raise our personal frequencies.

Growing up, I have always had an affinity for butterflies. I saw them as inspiration during my awkward years that perhaps I too would one day find my wings and blossom into a beautiful butterfly. They start out as creepy crawly caterpillars only to hide away in a cocoon to finally emerge with stunning colors and fragile new wings to help them navigate and explore the higher realms once nearly unknown to them before.  

Each one of us goes through our cycle in this life in many stages. We may be still in the larvae stage; just learning to survive, eat and grow. We may be in the cocoon phase; developing our studies, our ideas, personal power and identity to eventually emerge out of the chrysalis with our highest potential and highest self to greet the world with our own unique colors and patterns. Our wings fully expanded, we begin to dance with new energy. And just as Butterfly does, once we emerge with our inner light and beauty, we share our talents with the rest of those we encounter; inspiring others through our own transformation, giving them hope and courage to carry on with their own journey.

This is the message I wish to pass on to my clients as they enter their healing journeys. We all enter many stages and from each one we leap with confidence into the next, trusting that our new wings will support us. A butterfly does not know how to fly or that its delicate wings can support its body, but it trusts enough to bound into the sky, and it does so with grace.

Butterflies are actually very intriguing insects as well. They have tiny ears on their wings that can detect variations in pitch in birdsong and nature. They taste with their feet to determine if a particular flower or plant is right for the laying of their eggs. They have eyes that consist of thousands of lenses that allow them to focus on a single point clearly and they see colors vividly. They are able to perceive ultraviolet wavelengths of light. Their super-being and heightened sense perceptions are akin to those that we develop as we raise our own vibration or personal frequency through personal growth as well as energy work. As our energy systems are restored to balance, we regain and reconnect to levels of perception and senses we forgot we had. In fact, Butterfly’s presence assists us in the transition to a higher frequency. Their beauty and grace raises the frequencies around them just by being beautiful. As we pause to witness the delicate dance Butterfly performs, we are clearly present, perhaps finding momentary peace. And, whether you recognize it in the moment or not, a smile usually graces your face. This is the medicine of Butterfly.

In time, when you too find your wings and brave the world with your dance, imagine a friend or family member who pauses to take you in for a moment. Perhaps they take a slow breath and bask in your transformation. They too will be at peace for a moment, feeling peaceful just being in your presence. Perhaps you will be the inspiration for them to begin their own healing journey. 

It is said that the flap of a butterfly’s wings create a wave that ripples through the entire universe. A tiny flutter of love and beauty is sent rapidly outwards. Our thoughts and intentions do exactly the same. Think of butterfly and visualize what you put out. Being mindful of our intentions is one of the most important aspect of connecting to our highest self. With butterfly’s medicine we can begin to create ripples around the globe to aid in creating a culture of higher consciousness; a world of inner peace, mindfulness and unconditional love.

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