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My name is Erin. I am a certified energy therapist, vibrational medicine practitioner, revered, artist, musician, dancer, animal enthusiast, meditator and advocate for silliness. I’ve been writing since I received my very first diary in kindergarten that I still have in my possession. I write about anything. My stories have changed quite a bit since I was 5; dictating my stories to my dad or grandma who would write them down for me. What I choose to share with others now are pieces of me that I hope will either inspire others or make them look at the world through a new perspective. I truly desire a world where we all contribute to a creatively vibrant culture of mindful individuals working together without limitations of any kind and in perfect harmony. The universe gives us limitless abundance… it is the people that create the limitations we so frequently choose to stay within. It is time to transcend the borders and bars for our spirit is destined to be free.

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  1. https://coreonnewenergyenglish.wordpress.com/
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 23:45:05

    Hello Erin, thank you for visiting my blog and following me; much appreciated. Love your blog as well and hopefully we can help each other to find many new happy readers. All the best, REnate


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