We are each the creator of our own universe. Once we align ourselves with our higher purpose, we come into resonance with source power. However, in numbers we are granted more source power to work with. We come together to create a new world. As we exercise and strengthen our light bodies, we see the truth. All answers reside inside of ourselves. Welcome to the awakening.

The amber stone at Blackbeard’s Castle St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

The amber stone at Blackbeard's Castle St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

I feel connected again to this stone that i had the honor of meeting about two years ago in St. Thomas. As my partner and I placed our hands on this stone which has been at the castle for I believe 90 or so years, we were filled with warmth. Instantly tears came to our eyes as our energies danced with travelers before us. When the Seattle skies are at their greyest, I think of this stone and it brings the sun back.

Since this was a stone that would be touched by many after us, we stood there aligning our intentions to be of the highest nature. If you ever manage to visit the amber museum at blackbeard’s castle in St. Thomas and place your hands upon this stone, perhaps the love we sent in will spread to you as well.